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The Pesca Grossa For Huge Marlin off Madeira

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For many years the island of Madeira off Portugal has been considered the best place on the planet to catch a Grander Blue Marlin. Large Blue Marlin, some in excess of 1,000 pounds, pass through these rich feeding grounds each summer during the months of May through October, with the prime period being mid May through mid September.

During the prime Marlin fishing months, you can join Capt. Gerard “Frothy” de Silva and his team - Andy Dow of Australia and Johan Pettersson of Sweden. Together, these professional Big Game travellers have fished most of the worlds best known big game areas including Australia, Barbados, Carriacou, Cabo Verde, Cuba, Hawaii, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Trinidad & Tobago, Mexico, Martinique, USA and Venezuela. One thing that these three seafaring fishermen agree upon is that Madeira is the place they want to be during the summer months to target that monster fish of a lifetime.


Rear View from the Pesca Grossa

During the summer of 2008, our team assembled in Madeira to restore the world famous big game boat Pesca Grossa which was acquired by Teija and Captain Gerard 'Frothy' de Silva of Hard Play Fishing Charters. After six weeks of intense work, we finally got the Pesca Grossa looking and working as she did in her heyday, in one word - “Beautiful”.

We are very proud to be the new owners of this boat, says Capt. “Frothy”. She was made famous by Capt. Kevin Nakamaru and Tracy Melton of Melton International Tackle, along with their very experienced crew men who fished with them over the years in Madeira. The Pesca Grossa has caught many Granders with living legend - Capt. Kevin Nakamuru at the helm. We would like to say a special thanks to Tracy and Kevin for their help and support throughout the process of taking over and setting up the Pesca Grossa. We will do our very best to repeat the legacy of these two Big Game Fishing Legends.

Marlin on a short line

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